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There are a multitude of reasons couples seek counseling. Are you in a new relationship, looking to maintain the magic? Have you been married a while and life seems to have gotten in the way of romance? Newly engaged? About to become empty nesters? 


No matter what stage or state your relationship is in, the benefits of couples psychotherapy begins with the same question: What is your vision for your relationship?


Our sessions are not about winning battles, venting or relying on me to determine who is right and who is wrong. As a Certified Imago Therapist, my practice employs the fundamentals of Getting the Love You Want, and teaches new ways of communicating, listening and connecting. Developing this skillset enables profound and lasting conflict resolution that extends beyond my doors and is sure to lead you to the loving relationship you want and deserve. 


Instead of acting as a referee between parties, my role in each session is to foster an atmosphere of safety, empowering each partner to hear and be heard. 

Couples sessions are centered on:

  • Creating safety

  • Learning new communicating and listening skills

  • Establishing and maintaining intimacy

  • Understanding yourself and your partner better

  • Developing conflict resolution skills

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