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Pre-Marital Counseling

Considering all the energy, time and emotion we devote to the wedding day, equivalent care and attention should be given to the marriage itself. That one, beautiful day can and should be followed by a lifetime of happiness.


It makes sense that learning as much as possible about each other before you say “I do” will strengthen your marriage and help forge a lasting bond.


Our pre-marital sessions will help you understand the complexities of your relationship and equip each of you with the right tools for a long and happy future together.

New couples sessions and workshops will address:

  • Expectations of and for each partner

  • Support from friends and family

  • Differing personal issues and habits

  • Communication and listening skills

  • Problem solving styles

  • Religion and values

  • Parenting and family goals

  • Extended family dynamics

  • Intimacy and sexuality

  • Safety and trust

  • Career goals and priorities

  • How to discuss and negotiate finances

  • Reading signals and body language

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